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Game gliders® Portable pro gaming armrests engineered with ultra-smooth, x-axis motion

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Better gaming. Better health.

Game Gliders are an effective, easy-to-use tool for the prevention of health complaints and musculoskeletal problems resulting from the repetitive wrist and arm movements and poor seated posture that come with serious gaming.

Game longer. Game stronger.

It’s easy to see how stress and strain on your body can be bad for your endurance. Game Gliders help keep your body in a healthier ergonomic posture that will minimise muscle tension and help you move more efficiently and effectively.

Fight fatigue.

Game Gliders can make a remarkable difference in your gaming and your health. An ergonomic seated posture that can be repeated wherever you play will help improve muscle memory and reduce unnecessary muscle fatigue.

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After the first two weeks of use, I couldn’t imagine playing without gamegliders.

Ville, Casual gamer

Perfect for strategy games

Mikko, Casual gamer

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Get into a healthier seated gaming posture that will help enhance muscle memory for better gaming accuracy and reduce fatigue so you can game longer without unnecessary stress and strain on your body. Package includes two pieces of armrests, a hex head wrench and a carrying bag. Use promotional code SPRING24 to get 15% off from your Game Gliders. Offer is valid until the end of April.

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