Game Gliders

Made by Ergorest in Finland

Established in 1978 in Finland, Ergorest is a pioneer and innovator of forearm supports designed for use in computer, office and specialty industrial applications, and most recently for gaming. Nearly half a century of scientific research and product development combined with extensive knowledge of body mechanics have earned Ergorest global recognition for its thoughtfully crafted, high-quality products. Ergorest’s mission is to create ever better and more productive working – and now gaming – conditions for individuals who perform tasks in a seated position for extended periods of time. We know that good ergonomics is an investment that will always pay itself back because it helps you to perform at your best as well as prevent many serious, posture-related injuries that are common today.

Our environmental policy

Environmental friendliness and sustainable development are an essential part of our production and commercial operations. Our aim is to continuously reduce our environmental impact and to use raw materials and energy effectively. The raw materials and packaging we use are as environmentally friendly as possible, and each employee at our company is responsible for environmental friendliness in his or her own area of work.

We work with responsible partners in cooperation and implement our environmental policy in accordance with the principles of the ISO 14001 standard. We comply with valid legislation, regulations and commitments and are open with regard to our operations and their impact on the environment.

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Ergorest Game Gliders can help gamers improve their seated posture anywhere in the world. If you would like to help us bring Game Gliders to more gamers, drop us a line.

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