How to use
Game Gliders

Welcome to bootcamp.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be tough, just hungry for better body mechanics.

How to set up Game Gliders – step 1

Install your Game Gliders wherever you play seated, for example at a desk or table, and find your ideal gaming position.

First establish a good upright posture: head up, shoulders back and both aligned at the same height/level, and arms at or near a 90-degree angle. No hunching over, you don’t want to lean too far forward or backward. Now you’re in a more ergonomic seated position and ready for gaming.

Oh, and give it time, some gamers need longer than others to feel comfortable and master their control.

Start gliding – step 2

Give your Game Gliders a go with your favourite game. Remember, allow your arms to be supported by the Game Glider supports and your forearms to glide naturally left and right horizontally.

Instruction of use

Game Gliders are ergonomically designed to provide forearm support as well as relief from neck and shoulder muscular strain and tension. 

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Get into a healthier seated gaming posture that will help enhance muscle memory for better gaming accuracy and reduce fatigue so you can game longer without unnecessary stress and strain on your body.

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