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It’s easy to see how stress and strain on your body can be bad for your endurance. Game Gliders help keep your body in an ergonomic seated posture that will minimise body strain and help you move more efficiently and effectively.

Better Gaming

For better health

Game Gliders are an effective tool in the prevention of a range of health complaints and musculoskeletal illnesses resulting from repetitive wrist and arm movement and poor seated posture for extended periods of time that are part of serious gaming.

Wrists: Game Gliders help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis

Elbows: Game Gliders help prevent tennis elbow (as its traditionally known, but gamers just may change that)

Lower back: Game Gliders guide the body into a better seated gaming position which can help prevent lower back strain

Shoulders: Game Gliders relax the shoulders and reduce muscular tension and strain

Neck: Game Gliders minimise strain and muscular tension on the neck

Head: An ergonomic seated gaming position helps you to concentrate and keep your mind alert and active


Professional gamers are realising the benefits of better body mechanics. It’s about finding and maintaining the optimal seated gaming posture that complements your style of play and minimises muscular stress and strain caused by the repetitive motions that come with intense gaming. With Game Gliders you can game longer, stronger.

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Get into a healthier seated gaming posture that will help enhance muscle memory for better gaming accuracy and reduce fatigue so you can game longer without unnecessary stress and strain on your body.

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