1. General

These terms become applicable when you, as a private consumer, make purchases on the gamegliders.com website. Your status as a consumer is also protected by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (20.1.1978/38) and the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU). If you make purchases through the company, any other agreed purchase conditions or the Finnish Trade Act (27.3.1987/355) will apply instead.

Ergorest Oy

Business ID: FI03986848

Street address: Yrittäjäntie 1, 71800 Siilinjärvi, Finland

Email address: info@ergorest.fi

Telephone number: +358 20 740 1470 

2. Parties

The seller is Ergorest Oy (hereinafter “Ergorest” or “Seller”).

“Customer” is the private consumer marked as the buyer in the order, hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Customer”.

3. Order

After receiving Your order, Ergorest confirms the order and sends an order confirmation to the e-mail address You provided.

Ergorest reserves the right to cancel Your order or part of it if the product you ordered has run out. If the product is sold out, You will receive a message about it. Ergorest also reserves the right to cancel orders intended for resale.

4. Prices and payment

The website sets You the price of product(s) based on the applicable VAT within Your place of residence. Please note that You are liable for informing Ergorest Your place of residence in order for Ergorest to determine the applicable VAT included in the product price.

All debit and credit card transactions concerning products and their shipment fees will be debited at the time of the order. The service provider of the payment methods is Worldine SA. In connection with invoice purchases, Worldline makes a credit decision, and the Customer’s credit information can be checked. The customer gives Worldline his/her consent to the use of personal data for checking credit information, if the payment method chosen by the customer requires it. Worldine acts as the credit provider and the Customer gives his/her consent to Ergorest for handing over the information required by the payment method to Worldline SA. The service provider does not store the information needed to transfer the payment (e.g. credit card numbers).

The payment services provided by Worldine are subject to Worldine’s invoicing and account credit terms and conditions regarding consumer credit information (SECCI). The Customer is obliged to read and accept Worldline’s terms and conditions when using the payment services offered by Worldline. The terms are linked to the service and also available via the Wordline.

Prices within the EU are subject to and include value-added tax (VAT). Please note that outside EU prices do not include any taxes or customs duties that Your order may be subject to.

5. Right of cancellation and return policy

Remorse returns

According to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, You have the right to exchange or return Your online store purchase either in full or in part within 14 days of receiving the product. The right of return only applies to unused and brand-new marketable products with all original product inserts and accessories included. In such event You need to start Your return process within 14 days after receiving Your Product.

Return of defected products

If Your Product is broken, defective, malfunctioning or otherwise damaged, You may return the Product subject to the warranty granted by Ergorest. Ergorest will inspect all returned items and no warranty products are delivered if the return is caused by any other grounds than defects in the Product. 

The shipping costs are on Your liability. Ergorest will refund any such costs and the cost of Product (or deliver an undefective Product if requested), if the returned Product is found defective. Please see instructions for return [here] 

6. Delivery

The product will be delivered to the postal address provided by You in connection with the order.

The delivery method is a postal parcel as currently available via the Finnish postal service. The delivery shall be handled by the Seller within 2-4 days from the order. The delivery times of the Finnish postal service shall apply.

7. Warranty and liability

Ergorest warrants that the products are free from defects in material, design and workmanship and grants You a warranty period of two (2) years. During the warranty period Ergorest shall correct any defects found in the products or replace such products at Ergorest’s own risk and expense.

Ergorest will have no other liability or warrant related to the use of products. 

Without limiting Your rights as consumer under EU legislation, Ergorest will not be liable for any unsuitable or improper use of the products, normal wear and tear or any other direct or indirect damage the use of product may cause to You or any third party. Ergorest expressly waives any warranties related to any individual physical consequences resulting from the use of products. 


If the product is defective or damaged, depending on the circumstances, you can demand either the correction of the error, redelivery, price reduction, compensation or cancellation of the transaction. Notification of a defective or damaged product can be made to Ergorest in writing. You must notify the Seller of the error within a reasonable time after you discovered the error or should have discovered it. 


Ergorest is not responsible for defects, delays or other breaches of contract caused by unforeseeable circumstances that prevent Ergorest from fulfilling a contract. In a case of such delay, Ergorest will fulfil its obligations as soon as possible after first contacting the Customer to ensure that the Customer still wants to receive the item in question.


When placing an order, in addition to the payment information the Customer is obliged to provide their complete contact information, which includes at least the Customer’s name, address, email address and phone number.

The privacy statement in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation can be viewed at here.

The privacy policy of the payment service provider is found in here.

The gamegliders.com site uses cookies, which can be used to further develop the site to be more user-friendly than before. On the gamegliders.com website, the purpose of cookies is to facilitate, improve and speed up the shopping experience. Cookies can also be used to offer better offers and more personalized product recommendations to You. A cookie is a small text file that Ergorest’s web server saves on Your hard drive. Some of the content of the gamegliders.com website may require the acceptance of cookies in order to function. Your web browser probably accepts cookies with ready-made default settings, but You can also prevent the use of cookies from the browser settings or by deleting cookies from the browser after using the service. More information about browser-specific usage can be found in the browser manufacturer’s instructions.


The parties must try to resolve any disputes primarily through negotiations between them. However, as a consumer, You can always take a potential dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. Before taking the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should contact Consumer Advisory Services.

The Consumer Advisory Services’ web address is www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi. You can contact the Consumer Disputes Board through their website www.kuluttajariita.fi.

All disputes must be resolved in accordance with Finnish legislation. If the dispute has to be handled in court, it will be resolved in the district court in which jurisdiction you have your domicile or permanent residence.

The consumer also has the opportunity to use the ODR forum (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr), an online dispute resolution platform developed by the EU Commission, when handling the case.