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Game Gliders are ergonomically designed to provide forearm support as well as relief from neck and shoulder muscular strain and tension.


The rest is easy to move because it is lightweight but stable. The arm and attachment unit are made of aluminum alloy, while the plastic parts are polyamide. Foamy plastic padding with genuine leather upholstery. 



Install Game Gliders 50-60 cm (20-24 inches) apart on the front of the table, depending on the keyboard or table construction. 

Height adjustment 

The height of the rest is changed to the correct operating height via a screw located beneath the double stems. Turn the screw clockwise to lift the rest. Turn the screw in the other way to lower it. 


Place your arm on the Game Glider with your forearm balanced on the pad. That is how you can best take advantage of the support and movability offered by the Game Gliders. 

When the user’s arm is placed on the rest, Game Gliders allows them to move. When not in use, however, its mobility is limited. This prevents the Game Gliders from moving to the side when the arm is raised from the pad on occasion. 


When the height of the chair, the back of the chair, and the height of the Game Gliders are correctly adjusted to the height of the worktop, the best working posture is achieved. In proper posture, the head and neck are in a natural position, and the angle between the body, elbow, and knees is greater than 100 degrees. The back of the chair is sufficiently reclined, the front of the chair does not press against the tights, and the feet are resting on the floor or on the footrest. 

Begin by adjusting the desktop height to your sitting posture. The height of the Game Gliders can then be adjusted using the screw located beneath the Game Gliders. The Game Gliders should provide light support for the forearms. Please keep in mind that the Game Gliders should not be set too high.



Game Gliders are maintenance free. Wipe down metal components with a wet cloth. Water and moisture should be kept away from the joints. 

Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the pads. 

To remove ink stains, use an alcohol solution. Replace the pad if it becomes worn or damaged. 


– Maximum operating span – 275 mm/10 ¾ in 

– Clamp opening – 15-43mm/ 5/8 – 1 5/8 in 

– Adjustable heigh of arm – 75mm / 3 in 

– Maximum load – 10 kg / 22 lbs. 



A new Game Glider is warranted by the manufacturer for two (2) years from the date of purchase. 

The guarantee applies to all parts of the Game Gliders. Damages caused by wrong use or regular wear are not covered by the warranty. 

Use the Game Gliders strictly for the purposes stated above and follow the instructions. The user is solely responsible for all additional usage. 

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